breadstick holder / breadstick container

4breadsticks is a specially designed, durable and lightweight plastic breadstick holder that stores at least four long breadsticks – ideal for taking them out of the house without them easily breaking into pieces and leaving crumbs everywhere. It is child-friendly, opening and closing with a simple clip and there is no separate lid to lose.

  • £4.99 (free p&p)
  • Dishwasher proof
  • BPA free, PP5 moulded plastic, suitable for food storage
  • Dimensions: length 27cm, width 10cm, depth 3cm


Who is it designed for?

Parents/carers of young children who need easy, portable access to the universally popular, non-messy snack option of a few breadsticks. It’s also useful for anyone wanting to transport several breadsticks for snacks or lunch breaks. Some people have found all sorts of other inventive uses for 4breadsticks without a breadstick in sight… toothbrushes on a family break, cheese sticks, frankfurters, jewellery-making beads, to name but a few!