product story

us three on pierA classic example of ‘mumpreneur’ need driving invention!

Hi, I’m Jo Scott, mum of two pernickety little girls who always rejected the snapped, broken bits of breadstick.

They would rummage through the battered box in favour of the ever-decreasing long, whole ones to nibble on in the car or wave around from the supermarket trolley.

I looked for a breadstick container or breadstick holder to buy to pop a few breadsticks in my bag or keep in the car for handy snacks, as the whole box was too big and got damaged, full of ends and crumbs. My google search found nothing portable!

When I couldn’t find anything available I decided to design one and get it made, thinking that if I would find it really useful, hopefully others would too.

I’m proud to say 4breadsticks is manufactured in England, by Coda Plastics in Norfolk.